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Dear Candidate,
You have been chosen by our United Medical Freedom Super PAC to be part of an amazing group of political warriors who really care about changing the world and our broken healthcare system. Our focus is to help you get elected so you can help us  “Make America Healthy and FREE Again”. Our existing allopathic healthcare model does not encourage wellness or disease prevention and treats the symptoms of a disease, not the root cause. We want you to help us change the lives of millions of people and would like to know if you will support our mission. Could you please answer yes or no to the following questions..
  1. Will you support our campaigns and legislation for medical freedom?
  2. Will you support our efforts to refuse and prevent mandatory vaccinations?
  3. Will you help us support legislation that allows people to choose their own licensed healthcare practitioner and be fully covered under their insurance?
  4. Will you help us put an end to the censorship and restrictions of the FDA, CDC, FTC and FCC; Americans should be allowed to freely speak about natural treatments and share their success stories without being held accountable for making disease claims.
  5. Will you help us prevent forced and unwanted medical treatments and allow the patient, or parent of the patient, the right to choose the medical treatment for themselves or their children?
  6. Will you help us clean up our water supplies as well as municipal water? Including phasing out the use of fluoride and determine ways to eliminate chemicals, herbicide, heavy metals, fracking compounds, and prescription drug residue found in the city water supply?
  7. Will you review the health-depleting effects of Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell phones, 5G, cell phone towers, body scanners in airports, and other forms of harmful EMF exposure related to our health?
  8. Will you support our efforts to overhaul the FDA, EPA, FCC, CDC, and USDA by removing and replacing everyone who has any financial ties to large corporate entities which are associated with these government organizations?
  9. Will you support our efforts to educate, train and elect constitutional Sheriffs? The sheriff is the highest elected official in the county and has the authority to stop any unlawful or unconstitutional medical mandate or action of the federal government?
  10. Will you commit to ensuring that informed consent is provided to all patients in all medical interventions?
We hope you will work with us to make our dreams a reality,
[Your Name]